Geologist and Geographer headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


California Certified Geologist-in-Training (GIT) and GIS Analyst.

  • Manual Labor
  • Environmental Sample Collection
  • Technical, Regulatory and Proposal Reporting
  • Database Management and Mapmaking
  • Data Analysis, Modeling and Interpretation
  • Geological, Geographical and Remote Sensing Data Acquisition
Serving Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside counties but also willing to travel.
Full tool set and work truck available.
Negotiable labor rate.
Versatile handyman and field technician with extensive field and office experience. 
Wide variety of data acquisition, data analysis and project management skills as well as electrical and mechanical diagnoses and repairs. 

Planet Earth: a unique jewel in the cosmos with a lot to offer and a powerful potential. Enjoy it, love it and respect it.

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