Resourceful, determined and hard-working young professional looking for gigs or contract work and for professional research collaboration.

Oil drilling. Great Basin, Nevada.


University of Southern California
Master of Science, Geospatial Information Science and Technology
Specialization in Geostatistics

University of Rochester
Master of Science, Geology
Specialization in Hydrology

University of Rochester
Bachelor of Science, Geology
Specialization in Geochemistry
Minors in Environmental Engineering and Public Health

Professional Experience

Petroleum and Environmental Geology. GIS Services. Handyman and Field Technician.

  • GPS Surveying
  • High-quality Mapmaking and 3D Modeling
  • Core Logging
  • Mud Logging
  • Well Installation, Development and Plugging
  • Geological and Environmental Sample Collection
  • Data Acquisition, Analysis, Modeling, Visualization and Interpretation
  • Use of heavy machinery and power tools
  • Report Writing for Client Contracts, Regulatory Compliance and Business Proposals
  • Installation, repair & maintenance of mechanical and electrical field equipment including pumping units, motors, pumps and pipelines
  • Miscellaneous home repairs and field/yard cleaning and maintenance

Research Experience and Interests

Integrate engineering practices with geology applications using geospatial technology for the exploration, extraction and management of crude oil, natural gas, groundwater and precious metals.

  • Geochemistry: Use of Noble Gases, Major & Minor Environmental Gases, Trace Metals, Major Ions, Radioactive & Stable Isotopes.
    Evaluation of the compositions and mechanisms of meteorites/planetary material. Groundwater age-dating, water chemistry and site assessment. Reservoir Engineering/Characterization, mass balance modeling and quantification of petroleum and natural gas deposits.
  • Remote Sensing/Geophysics: Use of Lidar, Sonar, InSAR, seismic, well logging, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and multispectral/hyperspectral satellite imaging.
    Surface deformation measurements due to volcanic swelling and mineral or fluid extractions. Bathymetric mapping and charting, reservoir/geologic mapping and reserves estimation. Land classification and determination of environmental degradation.
  • GIS/Geoinformatics: Acquiring, managing, analyzing, visualizing and interpreting data for applications in geological mapping, reservoir modeling/simulation & parameterization, marine archaeology & exploration, health & hazard assesment and space exploration.
    Geostatistical/numerical/inverse modeling and simulation in 3D & 4D, database management and computational programming
  • Biogeochemistry: Quantification of elemental cycling and bio-induced chemical processes in reservoirs and aquifers with applications to petroleum geology and hydrology.
    Microbial Enhanced Fluid Recovery technology to evaluate field constraints and stimulate production.

Avid hunter, hiker, fisherman and outdoorsman.

  • Motorcycles
  • Fast and Furious Cars
  • Firearms
  • Freediving/ScubaDiving
  • Bass Guitars
  • Fitness

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